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Many women like men who already have relationships. It's no stranger that humans covet something they can't have. That is why men who have been in contact sometimes seem more attractive than those that do not. Women are therefore trying their best to attract attention from men who are already in contact just to see if they are capable or not. It makes a woman feel great if she is able to get a man to turn away from her boyfriend or wife. A loader for their egos because it shows that they are still pretty enough to attract the attention of a man who is in a relationship.

Ina woman's mind, they want a decent man for a relationship. It is therefore easy for women to view men as a trophy.

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Womenare naturally competitive creatures. Sothey competed to win the trophy belonging to another woman. It's an achievement for them and makes them feel better than the woman that his trophy has already taken. Probably because of the mighty man in bed or an established one. Regardless, the attraction of a woman is usually due to the relationship status of the man.

Asalready explained before, women are competitive creatures. A man in a relationship is a challenge that must be passed. If it manages to get it this can increase the confidence of the woman. This makes women feel beautiful. Of course they know that they have to look beautiful to be able to seize a man's heart, let alone to ask him to have an affair. This means she is certainly more attracted to this newcomer woman than her official partner.

Womensometimes like the PDKT process more than a man. They like something hard to get, including a guy in a relationship. It's a challenge in itself for them. They are willing to do anything to ensure that they are beautiful enough that they can lure a man who is already in a relationship. If the woman fails in snatching the man's heart, this indicates that they are already not very beautiful to get another man and certainly this injures the woman's ego.

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