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Let's have fun and make a scene

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Princeton, United States

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Relationship: Widowed

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Age: 64


Seeking: male


Intentions: See what Happens


Personality: Trusting

I'm full of contradictions: Independent, but don't like the sound of silence (unless it's sung by "Disturbed"..awesome!) Won't discuss sports, theology or politics because someone always gets offended.  Can't carry a tune in a bucket, but will proudly belt out the Star Spangled Banner.  Have power tools, Youtube taught me what to do with them.  I don't do windows...No, really, I haven't found someone who'll teach me how to remove the old and install new ones. I prefer not to  do plumbing and electrical.  I enjoy contemporary Country music as much as classic rock, traditional opera, rock opera, and letting my hair down at a cabaret or bawdy drag show. I'm not perfect, but strive to be the best I can and don't hold others to standards I can't meet.  It's the nature of the beast to be prejudiced; I CHOOSE  not to be a bigot. I'm 63 y/o but 30-something in my heart.  It's fun to be intimate, but it's not the entirety of a relationship.  I'm OK with "that" if you're in "that" category. I'm comfortable in blue jeans and a T-shirt as well as a dress.  Once a stubborn young woman competing ruthlessly in a man's job market,  I have learned not everything is black and white. Life is too short to be rigid; somewhere in the middle, there are shades of grey.  I laugh at my own mistakes and learn from them.  LOL! You don't have to worry about being in the public and I  suddenly dance on a table.  I'm sure  I haven't covered everything, let's leave SOMETHING to talk about, compare and see if we are compatible. I don't have any "private" pics (please don't ask)  and I won't  respond to canned, cut and pasted, automated or monosyllable messages and happy faces.   I will reply to thought out personal messages.  
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