Doutor Namoro

Doutor Namoro

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Let's have fun and make a scene

Meus detalhes

LocalizaçãoKey West, Monroe, Florida, Estados Unidos StatusViúvo(a)
Idade62, Mulher, 5'4" (163 cm) BuscandoHomem
IntençõesVer o que acontece PersonalidadeConfiável
Registrado no SignoGêmeos

Sobre mim

I'm full of contradictions: Independent, but don't like the sound of silence (unless it's sung by "Disturbed"..awesome!) Won't discuss sports, theology or politics because someone always gets offended. Can't carry a tune in a bucket, but will proudly belt out the Star Spangled Banner. Have power tools, Youtube taught me what to do with them. I don't do windows...No, really, I haven't found someone who'll teach me how to remove the old and install new ones. I prefer not to do plumbing and electrical. I enjoy contemporary Country music as much as classic rock, traditional opera, rock opera, and letting my hair down at a cabaret or bawdy drag show. I'm not perfect, but strive to be the best I can and don't hold others to standards I can't meet. It's the nature of the beast to be prejudiced; I CHOOSE not to be a bigot. I'm 61 y/o but 20-something in my heart. It's fun to be intimate, but it's not the entirety of a relationship. I'm OK with "that" if you're in "that" category. I'm comfortable in blue jeans and a T-shirt as well as a dress. Once a stubborn young woman competing ruthlessly in a man's job market, I have learned not everything is black and white. Life is too short to be rigid; somewhere in the middle, there are shades of grey. I laugh at my own mistakes and learn from them. LOL! You don't have to worry about being in the public and I suddenly dance on a table. I'm sure I haven't covered everything, let's leave SOMETHING to talk about, compare and see if we are compatible. I don't have any "private" pics (please don't ask) and I won't respond to canned, cut and pasted, automated or monosyllable messages and happy faces. I will reply to thought out personal messages.

Minha Identidade e Personalidade

EtniaBranco (Caucasiano) RomanceOcasionalmente romântico
NacionalidadeEstados Unidos Visão de casamentoCasamento não é necessário
OcupaçãoVeterinário IdiomasInglês / Inglês
Educação Curso técnico ReligiãoEspírita

Minha aparência e estilo de vida

Cor dos cabelosMarrom claro Tenho filhosNão moram comigo
Cor dos olhosAzul Quer filhosNão quer ter filhos
Tipo FísicoNa Média Tem animal de estimaçãoMuitos animais de estimação
Preferência AlimentarDieta normal Hábitos de consumos de bebidasSocialmente
Hábitos de Exercício1-2 vezes por semana Hábitos de fumarNunca
Arte no CorpoTautagens Hábitos de uso de drogasNunca


Well then, let's go scuba diving! What better way to get a gal out of her clothes and bare faced without trying to come up with an excuse? What, don't dive? No worries, Key West has so many other things to do.

Motivos para terminos de relacionamentos

Rap sheets, gang related tats, poor personal hygiene, smokers, any type of tobacco use; drug, alcohol, substance, physical or emotional abuse. Between jobs (unemployed), profiles without pictures , scowling, sunglasses, or selfies pointing up your nose or of your genitalia (No, I am not a prude and I am not impressed with how long your tongue is.) Poor personal hygiene ( unkempt hair, last week's lunch still in your beard or things braided into it, bad teeth, body odors) and one word or one line "openers" such as "Hey" or "What's up?"

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